Expressing Dogs Anal Glands. Should you do it?


I found that this was a very interesting article as I am asked frequently about anal glands.  I often don’t do them and for good reason.  Take a look at the link below to learn more.

Looking for Land

I have a few great spots to walk the dogs but I am always looking for new places to take them. If you or someone you know has some land near Cochrane and they would allow us me to walk the dogs on their land please let me know.  We would love the area to have some trees that we can walk through during the winter months and to provide shade in the summer.  Also it would be best if there were no livestock on the land.   I am sure to collect all dog waste along the way.   Willing to also pay a monthly fee for a fantastic location.


Hello and Welcome to my new site. I am very excited to start my new venture in my home town of Cochrane.  I am a dog lover and they are a very important part of  my life.  I hope that I can share my love for animals with you and your pets.  My dogs are a large part of my family and I will provide your pets with the high quality of care that I provide my own.  I look forward to building a strong friendship with you and your pets.  If you have any questions about the services I provide please feel free to contact me.